Virtual Walk Oslo

Photo: Frank Paul

Oslo is the norwegian capital and one of the scandinavian cities where digital services, public internet, RFID identification, surveillance cameras etc. are everywhere.
In this walk, you are invited to discover a different und unknown Oslo, where electromagnetic and acoustic sounds of each location meet in 360 degree panoramas.

Commissioned by the Ultima Festival, the project started in May 2019. Kubisch and her team filmed, photographed and recorded acoustic and electromagnetic sounds at different places within the city, from tourist hotspots to remote places, from cultural highlights to suburbian areas. In post production the images and recordings were stiched into 360° panoramas and then linked together.

Team: Christina Kubisch (electromagnetic recordings), Eckehard Güther (audio recordings), Frank Paul (360° photography, video) and Tom Thiel (coordination).


Click on any of the red circles to start the Virtual Walk Oslo. 
When the image has loaded, you can drag your mouse or swipe to look around and explore the space or just wait 5 sec until autorotation starts. Click the Right/Left buttons on the bottom of the window to jump to the next space. It is up to you in which direction you do the virtual electric walk.

 All places contain multiple sounds. Headphones or a connected speaker system are highly recommended!


Click on the red circles on the map above to start your Virtual Walk Oslo or choose a link from the list of places below: 


If no sound is heard, it is sometimes helpful to switch to the next panorama using the arrow control at the bottom of the screen and then jump back again.
If this does not help, check the autoplay settings.
In Firefox under privacy & security / permissions / autoplay, “allow audio and video” should be set.